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Behind the brand with

Camille from Pottery by CaM

Meet Camille from Pottery by CaM! Camille is a former performer and educator. She has been a full-time potter since 2020 and loves experimenting with stoneware mixes and glaze combinations to form unique ceramics that can be enjoyed in the home. ⁠

Tell us a little about yourself 👋

Clay and Mud…

I can’t imagine my daily life without this. As a lifelong learner, I am constantly experimenting with stoneware mixes and glaze combinations to form unique and individual functional ceramics. I enjoy creating both on the wheel and through hand building. This means the variance of the style and structural form of my ceramics is designed to show difference, and highlight unique qualities.

When did you launch your business? 🚀

I have been full-time as a potter since 2020, and regularly posting on social media since then. My website launched in March 2022.

What makes your products unique? 🤔

As a former performer and educator, I thoroughly enjoyed the practice of sharing through the telling of story. In clay, this new sense of story through functional pottery has truly fed my soul, and informed my work in many ways. The interactions and colour of the glaze become the language, and the textures within the clay enrich the background and place within each piece. The very fact that these are every day items we can all use and enjoy, ensure that this becomes a shared experience and instils a conversation between maker and user.

This story cycle enriches my creative experience continually. My work is unique, handcrafted and colourful. 

What was the inspiration behind launching your business? ✨

I simply enjoy the process of creating, and as people began to like and purchase my work, I began to move further towards being a full time potter. As a small batch maker, many people gather a range of my work over time. Quite a few of my customers then share images of their collections with me. This is truly such a beautiful connection, and inspiration for making.

What does a typical day look like for you? ⏰

5am: If I’m firing my gas kiln. Otherwise 7.30am (usually to a cup of tea next to my bed by my awesome husband xx)

9am: School drop off or watering my courtyard is done, and it’s time to eat some muesli, do some emails, glaze planning and website checks before working in my studio.

10am-2pm Throw/Trim/Glaze/Pack kilns

2pm: Quick Bite

3pm: More studio work.

5.30pm: School pick up/ yoga/ swim

7pm: Dinner time!

8pm: Family time – depends on the evening. Maybe family/ friends around, maybe books, maybe TV.

10pm: We are always in bed by about 10pm – earlier if I have a firing the next day (or I’ve just done a firing!)

What are your top 3 tips for small business owners for running their business? 📝

  1. Commit. Learn to back yourself. It is so easy to compare your work to others… over time, you will find your own stride, and can only do this when you truly back yourself and commit to YOU.
  2. Connect to those who support you – REGULARLY. These people may support you in a range of ways – from making you a cuppa when you need it, to local small business structures that are designed to support your business for free! Ensure you have groups of people around you who are in your industry, and check in with each other; this can be face-to-face or online. Give to each other, as this support will help drive your business as well as theirs. It is not a competition; it is a connection. Customer choice in any industry is vitally important.
  3. Be flexible. As a sole trader I am always aware that I can work 7 days a week – ongoing! I make sure I take breaks whenever I want. This can be planned, or spur of the moment when a friend says “lets do lunch’. I have a great boss, so why not?

What are your business goals for the future? 🎉

I aim to have a 3 yearly goals which develop over time.

  1. An event that ‘puts me out there’. This year – Margaret River Open Studios.
  2. Professional Development. This year – Launch Website – built by myself with some amazing free support from Jerry Hoekman @ipsbusinessadvisory
  3. Connect to local potters. A small group of ‘MudSistas’ will be meeting soon to participate in some group studio-work and connection.

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