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Join our vibrant community of small businesses and let us connect you with customers who are passionate about supporting local enterprises.

Support Small Business Australia showcases a diverse range of products made by small local businesses in Australia.

Similar to an online store, users have the opportunity to browse through this catalogue of exceptional products. However, we take a unique approach. Instead of facilitating purchases on our platform, we empower customers by directing them straight to you – the source of these remarkable products.

As a small business, this means you have full control and the opportunity to engage directly with customers. By guiding them to your online store or social media profile, you can provide a seamless purchasing experience, fostering connections and reaping the benefits of increased traffic and conversions.

Business eligibility criteria:

how it works

register your small business.

Complete the form to submit your brand information and payment details.

submit your most popular products.

Upon registration, expect an informative onboarding email that will guide you through the seamless process of submitting your products to our website.

drive traffic to your website.

We will upload your selected products onto our website, complete with a convenient link directing customers to your online store.

enjoy increased visibility and sales.

As we link directly to YOUR online store, you can fully enjoy the advantages of customers clicking through to your store to complete their purchases. Your business reaps the rewards of increased traffic and conversions, ensuring a direct and seamless connection with customers.

"After discovering 'Support Small Business Australia' on Instagram I found a community of like minded people supporting local sustainable products, and knew Pretty Pods had to be involved!"
Pretty Pods
"As a sustainable start-up business, one of the biggest challenges I face is getting my brand “out there” and seen by potential customers. So, to have this platform that supports small, sustainable business brands like mine, with the bonus of product and owner promotion- they are a hugely beneficial business for me to work with."
Custodians of our Planet
"I’m honoured to be part of this because now more than ever it is so incredibly important for us to focus on and make ethical choices and purchases. It’s so great that Support Small Business Australia are showcasing sustainability focused small businesses. We can all make a difference one little conscious decision at a time :)"
Rox Lox
"Thanks for shining a light on bespoke and original small Australian businesses."
Pottery by CaM

Three benefits for small businesses

increased visibility among customers that want to shop local.

Consumers visit our site to discover an extensive array of products meticulously sourced from small Australian businesses. Our directory presents a diverse marketplace catering to every taste and need, from fashion and homewares to beauty and gourmet delights.

we link directly to the small business to purchase.

With a commission-free approach, we empower customers to engage directly with the businesses they adore. There are no intermediaries or extra fees—just a seamless path to supporting the small business.

businesses maintain total control over their products.

By linking directly to the business' online store, we ensure that small businesses retain complete control over product pricing, shipping methods, and customer communications. With total control in the hands of the business owners, they can confidently showcase their unique offerings while maintaining their individuality and brand identity.

frequently asked questions

Support Small Business Australia is your go-to online directory for connecting shoppers with exceptional products from small Australian businesses. Whether you’re searching for fashion, accessories, homewares, craft & stationery, personal care products, skincare, beauty items, food, beverages, pet supplies, or more, we’ve got you covered.

Our user-friendly platform allows you to easily sort and filter products based on your interests, values, and budget. Explore our curated catalogue and discover the finest offerings from passionate local entrepreneurs across the country.

Unlike traditional online stores, we take pride in redirecting users straight to the websites of small businesses to make their purchases. By doing so, we ensure that these businesses enjoy all the benefits of each sale. We don’t stock or ship products, nor do we interfere with customer interactions. Our sole focus is to facilitate seamless connections between shoppers and small businesses.

Support Small Business Australia is more than just a directory; it’s a catalyst for growth, amplifying brand awareness and empowering small businesses to thrive. Join us in supporting local entrepreneurship and enjoy a rewarding shopping experience that uplifts Australian businesses.

Shop local, support small businesses, and experience the best of Australian products at Support Small Business Australia today.

1. Small local businesses that meet our eligibility criteria join our website to showcase their products to a wider audience.

2. Upon registration, users gain access to their member dashboard, where they can submit the products they want to feature.

3. We review each product submission, ensuring quality and adherence to our standards.

4. We curate and upload the products onto our website, ready to be discovered. Each product listing guides customers to the small business’s website. There, they can enjoy a delightful shopping experience, directly supporting the small business’s success.

If your small business meets the eligibility criteria outlined on our sign-up page, you have the opportunity to register and join our vibrant community. Upon registration, you will be seamlessly redirected to your retailer dashboard, a dedicated space where you can effortlessly submit and manage your product listings.

No, we don’t offer a free trial but we provide a free membership option for users looking to list their products on our directory. With this free membership, businesses can upload up to five products at no cost. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your offerings and connect with a wider audience.

We exclusively feature physical products on our website, offering a diverse range of remarkable offerings from small businesses across Australia. However, if you are a service provider interested in advertising opportunities, we invite you to visit our Advertising page. We’d love to collaborate and explore potential avenues to showcase your services effectively.

Indeed, your products can still be eligible for listing on our platform if the materials or ingredients are sourced from overseas, as long as they are ethically sourced. However, it’s important to note that the final product you’re selling must be made in Australia. We prioritise supporting local businesses and, therefore, cannot list products that are imported as finished goods and then resold. We are committed to fostering a community that celebrates the craftsmanship and creativity of Australian small businesses.

By confirming your business meets the eligibility criteria upon registering your business, you confirm that you know where your materials come from and that the companies you source materials from follow ethical codes of conduct, ensuring workers are paid a liveable wage and work in a clean environment that doesn’t violate human rights.

For us, sustainable practices encompass creating products in ethical and lawful workplaces, where both workers and the environment are respected. We celebrate businesses that actively seek to minimise their ecological footprint, crafting recyclable, reusable, or compostable products. Moreover, they employ eco-friendly delivery and packaging methods, aiming to reduce overconsumption, waste, and pollution.

No, that’s what sets Support Small Business Australia apart – our distinct approach. Just like an online store, our conscious customers have the freedom to explore our comprehensive catalog of exceptional products. However, instead of making the purchase through us, we forge a direct link between customers and the businesses they love. This way, our small businesses retain complete control over vital aspects such as product prices, shipping methods, and customer relationships. We believe in empowering businesses and facilitating seamless transactions while fostering a strong bond between customers and the remarkable entrepreneurs behind each product. At Support Small Business Australia, we celebrate independence and champion the success of small businesses through our unique platform.

Customers can browse our website to discover new small businesses to support and new products they love. Similarly to how they browse other online marketplaces, they can sort through an extensive catalogue of products and filter items according to their values and requirements.

Customers can sort by price, product category and brand or specifically view products that align with their values. For example, they can filter products that are ‘vegan’, ‘First Nations owned’, ‘made from recycled materials’ or ‘use sustainable packaging’.

When customers choose the product they are interested in, they click on it to be redirected to the small business’ website to complete their purchase. This way, customers know the small retailer is gaining all the sale benefits.

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Hey there! 😊 I’m Emma, the brains behind the Support Small Business Australia Directory. 🇦🇺

With a background in graphic and web design, I created this website to make it easier for customers to discover amazing goodies from our awesome local small businesses. 💼🌟

I love supporting small businesses, so I thought, why not create a space that helps me and other like-minded customers do just that? 🙌

This website is my little passion project, crafted during my free time. However, I’m all ears when it comes to making things even better for our customers and small business owners, so if you’ve got any ideas, I’d love to hear them! 🗣️👂

Thanks a million for popping by, and happy browsing! 🛍️🎉