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Balance Brew Herbal Tea is the perfect blend to help you gain focus, clear brain fog and calm nerves.
This mild tasting tea contains St Johns Wort, Vervain & Lemon Balm, making it ideal for office workers, students, or anyone needing a boost of focus.

St Johns Wort is a flower which contains properties that can increase serotonin and is historically used to aid mental health issues and insomnia.

Vervain contains properties that can repair damaged nerve cells and has historically been used as a relaxant in relation to neurological diseases.

Lemon Balm contains properties that boosts mood, increases alertness and helps build a status of calm.

The above herbs are anti-inflammatory and are safe for daily consumption.

Balance Brew for 1 serve

– Place 1 heaped teaspoon of Balance Brew into a teapot or cup with infuser.

– Bring 2 cups of water to boil and pour into teapot or into cup with infuser and wait 1-2 mins.

– Remove infuser, pour and drink tea while hot.

Add sugar, honey or lemon to taste.

Please keep me out of direct sunlight!

I was crafted to give you the best tasting tea that is superior for your body and soul.

Keep me in an air tight container and in a cool dark place so I may stay fresh and tasty.

Sourced locally and blended by hand.


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